Does Batteries Inc. stock all of the items sold on the website?

Yes, we stock nearly all items sold on our website.

Once I place my order, how long until it ships?

We typically ship your order the same day.

If I order a Power-Sonic battery does it come charged?

Yes, all Power-Sonic batteries come fully charged.

Can I use my UPS account number on the website?

Yes! On the checkout page, in the drop-down for shipping options, there is an option to ‘Use My Own Shipping’, then you simply select your shipping carrier (UPS or Fedex) and enter in your shipping account number.

How should I dispose of my used batteries?

Alkaline batteries can be disposed of in a normal household garbage. Do not dispose of batteries in fire for they could explode. For rechargeable, lithium, lithium-ion and zinc-air batteries, please go to a battery recycle at the nearest location. Sealed lead acid batteries should be returned to the place of purchase. You can also ask your local car battery supplier or find a list of recyclers under “Recycling Centers” in the yellow pages.